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A critic’s tour deciphers the signs and symbols of the street art adorning boarded-up storefronts. What it tells us about our shared political realities and the ways our stories are connected.

8/6/2020 3:51:31 PM
Monuments and Memorials (Structures)

Central Park will soon unveil its first sculpture depicting nonfictional female figures. “The fact that nobody even noticed that women were missing in Central Park — what does that say about the invisibility of women?”

8/6/2020 5:33:55 PM

An Austrian man has apologized for the damage he caused to a Canova sculpture, saying he didn’t realize he had crunched the foot of the plaster Pauline Bonaparte.

8/6/2020 4:58:25 PM

Yankee Stadium was the site of a salt marsh. Concourse Plaza was a valley. Our critic walks with Eric W. Sanderson, a conservation ecologist.

8/5/2020 4:02:11 AM

“Drawing was a way for me to see that I was still there,” says the author, who refuses to be defined by an assault. A new mural in San Francisco is her museum debut.

8/6/2020 5:44:49 AM

Art objects are a bore. People want multisensory “experiences,” the more immersive the better. With JR, James Turrell, teamLab and more, a new business venture funded by Marc Glimcher and Laurene Powell Jobs hopes to deliver.

8/5/2020 6:41:55 AM

The Metropolitan Museum of Art told its staff that it was laying off 79 employees and announced 181 furloughs and 93 voluntary retirements.

8/5/2020 2:08:22 PM

Galleries and museums are getting creative about presenting work online during the pandemic. Some are open for in-person visits. Here are shows worth viewing either way.

8/5/2020 9:55:53 PM

Openings at Mr. Powers’s Spiral Gallery on Vanderbilt Avenue were rollicking festivals of art and jazz featuring emerging artists from the neighborhood and beyond.

8/5/2020 2:54:27 PM

Acknowledging that it “caused significant harm” to select and then reject Lava Thomas to design the monument, officials voted to suspend the search for another design.

8/6/2020 4:18:08 PM